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Effectively prevents the formation of allergens • Clean air, free of moisture and mold • Long investment service life • Quiet operation • Savings in heating
Extraordinarily silent and even performance
Thanks to topmost technology, the performance of Orca air conditioners is almost inaudible.
All in one place
Professional customised design according to the layout of your house, quick installation and reliable service.
Extraordinarily silent and even performance
Thanks to topmost technology, the performance of Orca air conditioners is almost inaudible.
All in one place
Professional customised design according to the layout of your house, quick installation and reliable service.
Due to air tightness, modern new buildings can cause problems with allergies, respiratory system, general discomfort and frequent headaches The solution is the central ventilation system Orca Maxi with as much as 98% efficiency and advanced F7 and G4 filters, which enables clean air, free of moisture and mold forever as well as savings in heating. Modern new buildings are designed in terms of high-energy efficiency. The result is poorer air quality, higher moisture and carbon dioxide concentration, which can cause or increase a greater sensitivity of the respiratory system, problems with allergies and general discomfort in already sensitive individuals. Ventilation by opening windows is not the appropriate solution, since it causes unnecessary heat loss, which increases the cost of heating. In order to ensure the proper quality of the air for well-being in the living quarters, windows should be opened from 5 to 7 minutes each hour. The latter is, of course, impossible, because often the whole family is away from home, and even getting up at night would not be very convenient. In addition, during the autumn and winter period, such ventilation is completely wasteful because the heat is lost and consequently, the cost of heating increases. Without the ventilation system, the following problems tend to appear in new low-energy buildings:
  • wall mold resulting from moisture in a single room in the building, from where its colonies are quickly expanded to other spaces,
  • mites, organisms which are small and invisible to the human eye, quickly causing respiratory problems and general discomfort,
  • pollen, a well-known allergen, which is inevitable outside in the spring, but we can avoid it in a well-ventilated house,
  • dust, of course, accumulates in spite of cleaning and is a common cause of breathing problems, allergies or even asthma, or
  • gases, as a result of pollution of the ambient air, which occur mainly in winter, also harm the respiratory system and can be very dangerous in the long run, and
  • formaldehyde gases, which are usually extracted from the use of adhesives and other chemicals in the building's construction. These gases are not only allergens, but can even cause cancer.
Recuperator - a system that returns heat from the waste air back to the room During the winter, the rooms are heated and we would certainly not be satisfied with losing heat we pay for due to ventilation. Therefore, at least in our climate, the heat recuperation system is the only sensible solution. It uses the heat from the exhaust air, being transported out of the room, to transfer it to the fresh air that flows into the room. Using the recuperation system in your home, you ensure:
  • permanent supply of fresh air in accommodation spaces, which increases the quality of living,
  • educed CO2 and unpleasant odors,
  • optimum humidity in the room, preventing the formation of wall molds,
  • filtered air without the input of dust particles,
  • with closed windows virtually no outside noise, which is typical for open windows,
  • it also provides the possibility of preheating, reheating and cooling of the air.
Two in one solution - the installation of the ventilation system with the Orca Maxi recuperator Installation of the central ventilation system with heat recuperation Orca Maxi will bring freshness to your home, enabling greater comfort and concentration on work or learning. It will also provide healthy living without mold and respiratory problems or allergies. Centralno prezračevanje The central ventilation system is carefully designed and outlined in terms of thermal efficiency and optimal ventilation for your house. Orca Maxi rekuperacija Ventilation and heat recuperation, two in one with Orca Maxi ventilation WHY IS THE CENTRAL VENTILATION SYSTEM ORCA MAXI THE RIGHT SELECTION FOR YOU? Complete Orca services from design to implementation Allows you to leave the whole project of installing your ventilation system to Orca Energija. We do both: plan the project and implement it. If necessary, of course, also in cooperation with other operators of your project. Security and superior components
  • G4 outlet air filter for purification of particles of 10 μm or more (pollen, house dust, mist; skin, hair and fat residue).
  • Inlet air filter F7 for particles of 10 μm or more (black carbon, soot, fine dust and other substances that are inhaled in the lungs).
  • Superior components enable long service life.
  • Reliable provision of a healthy environment.
  • Automatic indication in the event of a malfunction.
  • Intelligent moisture control system using the delayed start adjusts to the room where the fan is installed.
  • Up to 98% efficiency in heat recuperation.
  • Adjustable airflow and optimum energy consumption.
  • EC motors that reduce energy consumption.
  • Preservation of the property value (prevention of mold).
  • The system holds the highest certification by Passiv Haus Institut from Germany.
  • Extremely quiet operation, 70% quieter than usual bathroom fans and 80% quieter than other fans.
  • Flows from 160 to 550 m3/h. (depends on the model)
  • Easy operation via LCD touch screen in Slovenian language.
  • Daily or weekly adjustable timers.
  • Easy maintenance.
  • Protection against outside noise.
  • Greater freshness and thus greater concentration on work or learning.
  • Protection against allergies.
  • Protection against dirt that transmits bacteria.
  • Protection against carcinogenic gases.
  • Protection against moisture when bathing, washing and even breathing, and consequently, protection against the formation of the unhealthy wall mold.
ENTHALPY EXCHANGER (optional) Certain humidity is recommended for healthy living, the ventilation system drains the moisture. Accordingly, an enthalpy exchanger which returns moisture from the exhaust air can also be installed into the ventilation system.
  • Highly sensitive and latently effective advanced polymer membrane.
  • Special membrane blocks odors and dirt.
  • Excellent sealing.
  • Optimal airflow with low pressure drops.
  • Resistant to freezing.
Touchscreen control The Orca Maxi system can also be controlled via touchscreen, since an extremely simple, colorful user interface enables many settings, including timer settings, fan speeds, air humidity, and the like. ORca Maxi touch screen  
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