Legal notes

Legal Notes

When entering, registering or logging-in to the website or web applications of Orca Energija d.o.o., Vodovodna cesta 30c, 2000 Maribor (hereinafter: Orca Energija d.o.o.), the user or visitor (hereinafter: user) confirms that they have carefully read terms of use written below, agrees with them and accepts them fully. Terms of use are fully and under the same conditions used for users who access Orca Energija do.o.o. websites as unregistered visitors. Entering Orca Energija do.o.o website means that the user agrees to all stated conditions and limitations and that the user of the website has been notified with terms of use in advance, as well as of data manager, cookies and, furthermore, of intent of information-processing and agrees with said policy. Terms state terms of use of websites and web applications and other web content owned by Orca Energija d.o.o. and explains the manner of how Orca Energija d.o.o uses personal information and cookies.

The owner and administrator of websites and web applications is Orca Energija d.o.o.

When visiting websites owned by Orca Energija d.o.o., taking part of it’s activities online and similar activities, the user fully agrees to terms of use. If they disagree with said terms, Orca Energija d.o.o. advises against visiting web sites or taking part of it’s online activities or services owned by Orca Energija d.o.o. and recommends not visiting said websites and leaving the websites.

Exclusion from liability

Websites are developed and maintained with the highest possible measure of care. Nevertheless, Orca Energija d.o.o cannot vouch for currency, accuracy or reliability of all website information. All website information can be changed without prior notice. Also, the company does not accept responsibility for whatever damage which would transpire due to use, improper action and/or inaccessibility of these websites. In the cases of referencing or connecting these websites with others which are owned by third party, Orca Energija d.o.o does not accept liability for content or proper function of said websites. We reserve the right for errors on website and their fastest eradication possible.

Protection of privacy

Personal information is gathered when the user of Orca Energija d.o.o. orders a specific service or when these websites are used to conduct a certain demand from the user such as providing information about products and services, subscribing to e-news or inquiries. Personal information collected for such purposes by Orca Energija d.o.o. can include user’s name, address, company name or organization name, e-mail address, telephone number, work or home address, information about your work place, information about your company and credit card information.

Orca Energija d.o.o’s website can also collect data about user website visits, such as internet provider and IP address through which the user accesses the web; date and time of website access; other websites the user accesses when also visiting Orca Energija d.o.o. websites and web address which were used to access directly to Orca Energija d.o.o. website. This data is collected to improve the website, analyze trends and for administration.

The company Orca Energija d.o.o. commits to not selling, borrowing or in any other way distributing said data and information to third parties. All data will be handled in confidence and will be used solely for the purposes of interne evidence and to serve the purpose in light of which the data was sent. The information will be heedfully protected against loos, misuse, unauthorized access, disclosure,  modification or destruction. Some information (IP address, date, time, web page address which sent you) is stored onto a server. This information is anonymous and is used for statistic processing only.

Personal information gathered on Orca Energija d.o.o website, are used for the purposes of website function and to perform services asked for or consented to by the user.

The company Orca Energija d.o.o. can use personal information of user with intent to:

  • insure a better and more efficient customer services,
  • improve the website, services offered and to improve products,
  • make the website more user-friendly in such a manner so you do not have to enter the same data each time,
  • inform you about important information about products or services available, including news and notices.


The new legislation “Zakon o elektronskih komunikacijah (Uradni list št. 109/2012), ZEKom-1” has brought forth new regulation into our legal order about cookie usage and similar technologies used to store information or access information stored on user’s computer or mobile device.

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a short text which the website sends to the browser whenever a user visits the website. The website can so recognize the user and, with the help of cookies, memorize the data of the user’s visit and ensure a friendly and simpler web service. With the help of cookies, Orca Energija d.o.o. adapts website content, memorizes user’s preferences and keeps notes of website visits. Browsing through Orca Energija d.o.o. websites with the help of cookies makes it a more pleasant, faster and moreover an efficient experience.

Which cookies do Orca Energija d.o.o.’s website use?

List of cookies which are used on Orca Energija d.o.o.’s websites:

  • Our own cookies:
    Intent: to provide a user session on My Orca website and function of cookies
  • Third party cookies:
    Name: _utma; _utmb; _utmc; _utmv; _utmz
    Intent: website views statistics
    Company: Google inc.

Disabling cookies

Users can choose for themselves whether or not they allow cookie storage on their device. Cookie settings can be monitored and changed in their web browser.

If cookies are disabled, some functions and complete websites’ functionalities are not available or will fail to work properly.


©Copyright 2015 Orca Energija d.o.o. and Orca Energia d.o.o. suppliers- All written texts, photographs graphs, animations and other documents which encompass the websites, are in, accordance with legal framework, subject of copyright or other form of intellectual property protection. The website content is not to be copied, distributed, changed or in any other form reproduced unless in case of a written consent from Orca Energija d.o.o. which actively asserts it’s rights for intellectual property in the highest extent possible inside the frames of legislation.

Change of terms

Terms are formulated on the basis of legislation currently in place.

The company Orca Energija d.o.o. reserves the right to change these terms at any time and notifies Orca Energija d.o.o.’s website users via announcement on Orca Energija d.o.o. homepage or sends users a notice.

Maribor, 10th of September 2015

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