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Investor demands today in regards to procurement or renovation of heating systems are clear and uncompromisable. They expect the highest possible rate of energy conservation and safety, easiness of use, aesthetic perfection and accessible prices.

They trust vendors who work diligently to improve their products, thus proving that they are completely devoted to the demands of the buyers. They give priority to high efficiency and reliable performance of machines and systems.


We have collected the finest experts from the field of efficient heating in our development laboratory and have simultaneously devised a production of heating and cooling systems that, due to progressive technology and precise realization, leaves practically no room for errors.

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We realize that the purchase of our heating or cooling product is a long-term investment and that is why we keep a longstanding lifespan in mind from the first design to the final product. All of us coworkers firmly believe that commitment to quality without compromise is the only true path towards our development and your satisfaction.


Our clients’ safety is ensured with an elongated warranty, an incredibly organized maintenance network and a professional approach to planning, implementation and maintenance of our products.


Our Certificates

High quality production forms the foundation of everything we do.


Creditworthiness Rating AA 2016

Creditworthiness Rating AA Orca Energija


Excellent certificate 2017

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Who are we?

About the company

We are a company, named Orca Energija, d.o.o. which manufactures heat pumps for heating and sanitary water. Through our work, which is based upon professionalism, innovativeness and orientation towards clients, we follow our mission to reduce the costs of heating and improve the quality of life.

We manufacture high quality and aesthetically perfected products that are produced in Slovenia in their entirety and made from the finest materials, available in the European market. Many customers all around Europe have identified the excellence of our products, but most of them come from Austria, Spain, Portugal, Poland, Germany and Italy.

We have a highly organized network of installers and a service group in Slovenia, in addition to that, we have managed to spread the net around the whole Europe thanks to our business partners.

Our satisfied customers include both final customers and business partners in wholesaling. We offer the latter the possibility of designing and manufacturing their own brand of heat pump for sanitary water (we are an OEM manufacturer).

We offer our clients the whole package, I.e. turnkey solutions. It all begins with consultations and professionally trained coworkers. After buying our products, we then offer the option of installment. After-sales services, meaning regular yearly services and upkeep guarantee a long lifespan of our products, thus we take special care to see they get carried out.


At Orca Energija, we reduce costs of heating and improve the quality of life.


  • Professionalism
  • Innovativeness
  • Orientation towards clients

Why Orca?

Orcas are social beings that take exemplary care of their families. They seem so similar to humans in their behavior, that even some tribes believed they were actually human spirits, trapped in these wonderful creatures.

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Contact information

Company address: Orca Energija d.o.o., Vodovodna 30c, 2000 Maribor, Slovenia

VAT number: SI 63797186

Telephone number: +386 (0)2 320 71 99

Fax: +386 (0) 2 320 71 81

E-mail: export@orcaenergy.eu

Web page: http://orcaenergy.eu/

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Heat pumps for sanitary water are simple to install into your area and they’re even simpler to control.
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Orca products exceed the most rigorous EU quality standards.