Wall- mounted air conditioners Mitsubishi series MSZ-FH

Models with outside unit VE

  • efficient and economical, seasonal energy efficiency class A+++ with cooling and heating
  • seasonal efficiency indicator SCOP 5,1
  • heating at wintertime temperatures as low as -15°C
  • perfected air filtration Plasma Quad
  • focused function with the help of a 3D sensor
  • simple handling with weekly timer

Models with outside unit VEHZ

Alongside qualities stated above, models VEHZ with outside unit also allow efficient function at very low outside temperatures, because they maintain their rated heating capacity at as low as -15°C.

  • hyper heating, as low as -25°C outside temperature
  • built-in heater against frost
  • seasonal efficiency indicator SCOP 4,9

The set includes an inside and outside unit, plus a remote control.

 Technical Data

Technical data MSZ-FH

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