Orca Energija now holds an AA Creditworthiness Rating Excellence

At Orca Energija we reduce heating costs for our consumers and help improve their quality of life. This, as well as a feeling of responsibility for the environment and for business partners with whom we cooperate, is our primary mission.

Creditworthiness Rating AA Orca Energija

Trust is a two-way street. It is built painstakingly and easily squandered. It is a treasured and scarce commodity. It cannot be purchased because it incorporates relationships of respect and envisages benefits for all parties involved in the business.

Trustworthy partners are especially cherished in the business world. Consumers buy products from vendors they trust. Business entities order products and services from partners we trust.

Our business success derives also from our judgement of values of trust. A segment of trust indicator does exist, on the other hand; and it is measurable, verifiable and demonstrable. It is the Creditworthiness Rating Excellence.

It is a rating which is, among other factors, based upon financial solvency, creditworthiness, indebtedness, profitability and other risk indicators. Companies with attested Creditworthiness Rating Excellence thus demonstrate a trust that can be measured.

To us, the AA Creditworthiness Rating Excellence proves that we have, whilst fulfilling our mission and functioning in accordance with our values, reached the desired level of inner business environment performance which allows us to reach such standards.

Our professionality, innovativeness and our orientation, which focuses on our clientele, have formed a solid base for a high-quality business development in the future as well.

We are proud to be able to share our business and Rating Excellence or measurable reliability in the business world with you.

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