NEW ON THE MARKET! Orca Composite 3 kW – heat pumps for 500 l domestic hot water tanks

Spring is here and it has brought some fresh things into our company. We are more than glad to inform you that we have prepared two new products especially for you.

Orca Zeus ZSW Composite and Orca Wave WSW Composite are from now on available in better and more powerful 2,8 kW version, which enables economically better performance up to -10 °C. In relation to big air flow (up to 500m3/H) and Hitachi rotary compressor both products guarantee high Coefficient of Performance (COP = 4,2).

Integrated circulation pump, simple regulation and first class technology are great for installation in homes of all those users, who want to have more hot water.

Both products are prepared for wall installation and because of water connection enable installation of hot water tanks of bigger volume – between 400 and 800 liters. Products are designed for the best user experience a person can get, because they operate extremely quietly and have a lovely looks.

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Simple Installation and Control
Heat pumps for sanitary water are simple to install into your area and they’re even simpler to control.
Over EU Standards
Orca products exceed the most rigorous EU quality standards.
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